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  • Tipping in London: (2023) Unravelling Wild Mysteries
    Ever since moving to London in 2015, I have been passionate about finding out how the tipping policy in London works.  I grew up in Canada and worked in the service industry for many years. This meant I was no stranger to the unwritten ‘tip 20% minimum rule’.  However, I remember the first time I … Read more
  • Does the UK Use Euro? Best Advice From A Local
    If you’re saying to yourself, ‘does the UK use Euro?” then lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve lived in the UK (more specifically London) since 2015 and I’ve learned how we handle the Euro around here. The tips in this article cover everything you need to know about euros, if … Read more
  • Best Harry Potter Walking Tours- 5* Locals Guide
    Want to know about the best Harry Potter Walking Tours in London? Well, you’ve come to the right place because I live in London and according to my smart watch, I love walking around London. I have gone on many walking tours since moving to London in 2015 and you’re in for the locals scoop … Read more
  • Does it Snow in London? Heck Yes!
    Does it snow in London? It’s no secret that London, England is known for its cold, wet winters. In fact, many people might say that it’s practically synonymous with winter weather. But does it actually snow in London? The answer may surprise you! The short answer is yes, it does now in London. But the … Read more
  • What is the Official Legal Drinking Age in London?
    So maybe you’re planning a trip to London, or you live here already. Whatever the reason, you want to know what the legal drinking age in London is. Let’s get straight to it: London’s drinking age is 18 years old. This means that any person over the age of 18 is allowed to purchase and … Read more
  • Best Ice Skating in London at Christmas: #1 Locals Guide
    Ice skating in London at Christmas is a truly magical experience. Whether you’re a Londoner or just visiting for the holidays, here’s my local guide to the best places to go! From historic sites like Somerset House and Hampton Court palace to festive family favourites like Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, there’s something for everyone. So … Read more
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The girl behind Map Her Miles. Hi, I’m Trea! Chai Latte obsessed, small-town Canadian girl who turned British EXPAT in 2015. I moved to England with 3 suitcases and big dreams. I love to travel (obviously), and my teaching career. I enjoy catching the last bit of sun, wherever I am and watching the latest re-run of Friends…

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Blogging about London and my other travels is my jam!

Hi, I’m Trea!

I’m a small-town Canadian girl who turned British EXPAT in 2015. I moved to England with 3 suitcases and big dreams. I’m obsessed with travel, and my teaching career. I love catching the last bit of sun, exploring new locations both near me and abroad, trying new food, and snuggling with my cats. I’ve been laughing at my own bad jokes since the beginning.

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I’m searching for all that London has to offer so that you don’t have to! Find helpful guides, tips and recommended activities all on Map Her Miles Blog.

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When I first moved to London I was overwhelmed by the number of things to do and places to visit. I didn’t know where to start! This is when I made it my mission to only share all of the things I would do in London, with my community. That’s YOU!

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Below are my all-time fave articles for unique tours and day trips from London, found on Map Her Miles Blog.

Girl in blue jeans and blue shirt standing inferno of the Harry Potter Theatre on the Harry Potter Walking Tour
Jan 2023

The Best Harry Potter Tours

Hey HP fans! This one’s for you.

Nov 2022

The Best Day Trips from London

Book your next day-trip from London before you miss out!

Bibury village day trip from London. Row of cottages