I’m a self-taught, talented content creator and writer with a strong passion for sharing London gems.

I pride myself in writing all my own London Travel guides so that I can write from personal experience. You’ll never find me recommending something to you that I wouldn’t personally do myself.

So, you want to know what puts a pep in my step?

I inspire people to travel the world, especially London, and embrace all of their emotions by sharing my experiences in this tiny space on the internet.

I have spent years sharing my ups and downs with friends and family and finally made the leap to share my stories with all of you, too!

If I can encourage you to book a trip you’d been thinking about or to relate to some of my struggles in travel over the years, then I believe I’ve done the right thing and feel so lucky to have been able to inspire your next trip.

Map Her Miles infront of a red London telephone booth
Trea | Map Her Miles

London Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

 I’m a small-town Canadian girl who turned British EXPAT in 2015. I found that I spent hours researching fun and unique things to do in London so now I’m making it my mission to share what I’ve learnt with you!

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People Often Refer to me as:

Trea – Really, I always feel like I’m in trouble when I hear my name.

T – Friends and family refer to me as T.

Teacher – My Monday – Friday alias.

Influencer – This actually makes me cringe, but, I guess we are all influencers in our own ways.

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If you’re dying to hear more about Trea, here are five weird things you might not know about me:

  1. I’m adopted
  2. I always stroke a stray cat no matter where I am
  3. Gardening is NOT my thing and I struggle to keep a cactus alive
  4. I tell really bad jokes and I’m usually the only one laughing. Queue awkward silence
  5. I can’t go anywhere without a nail file. It’s an obsession. Really.

My Gallery

Here are some of my fave shots.

Map Her Miles drinking in London
Regents Park London
Map Her Miles holding a pastry at one of the Cat Cafes in London
Map Her Miles in front of wisteria