About Trea

The girl behind Map Her Miles.

Hi, I’m Trea!

I’m a small-town Canadian girl who turned British EXPAT in 2015. I moved to England with 3 suitcases and big dreams. I’m obsessed with travel, and my teaching career. I love catching the last bit of sun, exploring new locations both near me and abroad, trying new food, and snuggling with my cats. I’ve been laughing at my own bad jokes since the beginning.

I didn’t always have an obsession with travel.

A few years ago, I loved my small town. The mountains to hike, seas to swim in, and nature at every turn. I did the classic go to school, get a degree, find a good job with a pension (yes dad, I got a job with a pension). But it wasn’t enough. I felt trapped on a hamster wheel and was very quickly afraid of my own future.

Then, queue a family holiday to Mexico. Wow! I learned very quickly just how big this beautiful world is and I instantly knew that I had to do more with my life.

In 2013 I started planning my escape.

Now, you might think, ‘that’s dramatic, Trea’ but it’s the truth. I finished my degree in teaching, and in 2014 I began networking and applying for jobs in countless Countries. I was actually meant to start teaching in Egypt in 2015 when I last minute changed my mind and took a job here in England, instead.

Little did I know how much that last-minute pivot would change my life for the better. Today you can find me teaching full time, balancing the travel world and living that ‘fur Mumma life’ with my husband.

So, you want to know what puts a pep in my step? I inspire people to travel the world and embrace all of their emotions by sharing my experiences in this tiny space on the internet. I have spent years sharing my ups and downs with friends and family and finally made the leap to share my stories with all of you, too! If I can encourage you to book a trip you’d been thinking about or to relate to some of my mental health struggles over the years, then I believe I’ve done the right thing and feel so lucky to have been able to help.

People often refer to me as:

  • Trea – Really, my family calls me Trea and people that don’t know me that well.
  • T – This is reserved for friends and family that have been with me since the beginning
  • Teacher – My Monday-Friday name!
  • Mumma – If my cats could talk, I know they’d call me Mumma!
  • Influencer – This actually makes me cringe, but I’ve had people tell me I’ve influenced them to book a trip. So, I guess we are all influencers in our own ways.

When I’m not busy working on my blog you can find me:

  • Teaching children that the sky is NOT the limit
  • Exploring new walks in my local area and beyond
  • Planning my next jet-setting trip
  • Being the best fur Mumma to my 2 kittens 
  • Devoting time to improving my mental health

If you’re dying to hear more about Trea, here are five weird things you might not know about me:

  1. I’m adopted
  2. I always stroke a stray cat no matter where I am
  3. Gardening is NOT my thing and I struggle to keep a cactus alive
  4. I tell really bad jokes and I’m usually the only one laughing. Queue awkward silence
  5. I can’t go anywhere without a nail file. It’s an obsession. Really.

What I do


My favourite hobby is travelling abroad and exploring my own city. I love to learn new facts about the places I visit and embrace the local culture. Whether that’s speaking to locals I meet or supporting a small local business.

About Me: Teacher


I’ve always loved working with children so there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a teacher. I am a primary school trained teacher, currently teaching in London. Each day I learn something new from my little ones!

Mental health

Mental Health Advocate

My whole life I have been riddled with anxiety. On my blog, I will post honest content about how I cope with it and the times when I am not coping well. My hope is that sharing the highs and the lows it will bring us closer together.

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