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The #1 Best Ancient Bath: Aire Spa in London

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So you’re in the city and want to visit the Aire spa in London. The Aire ancient baths are beautifully done to whisk you away from the busy city to a place of peace and tranquillity. Don’t be put off by the nearby busy touristy theatre district. Let’s dive in (sorry for the pun) and learn why Aire Ancient Baths London is a bucket list stop while visiting the city.

Where is Aire Ancient Baths London located?

First Edition Peter Pan Book

You’ll be happy to know that the spa is roughly a 5-minute walk from Charing Cross station or a 3-minute walk from Embankment Underground Station (which is home to the Northern, Circle, District and Bakerloo lines- making it easily accessible).

As you walk down Robert Street, you’ll notice how the busy streets behind you start to fade away and the neutral, more secluded street calms you before you spot the ‘Aire Ancient Baths London’ sign hanging above the entrance.

Walk in, turn left and sign in for your spa experience to start.

Fun fact: The building was once home to J.M. Barrie, who is known for creating Peter Pan. So when you get to the desk, look down! You’ll spot a first-edition Peter Pan book.

Sat Nav Address: 2-3 Robert Street, WC2N 6BH. 

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How many pools are there in the Aire Ancient Baths, London?

Candle lit stairway leading to the baths

To cut to the chase, there are 7 various pools/baths throughout the underground spa. Oh, I can’t forget the handful of frigidariums as well. They are FREEZING. Hop in at your own risk. I got to my waist before I shivered back out of them.

Below is a list of the baths. I would say that I spent about 15 minutes in each pool which gave me plenty of time to relax before and after my massage treatment.

  1. Tepidarium – this pool is a warm bath, at 36ºc so it feels like bath water as you walk in. There are various little nooks and built-in seating for you to relax while in the tepidarium.
  2. Frigidarium – 14ºc and 10ºc. Well, the temperature says it all really. They’re cold.
  3. Vaporium – this ‘steam bath’ scented with peppermint, is a big steam room where you’ll also find a frigidarium (ice cold bath). We loved this space because you couldn’t see others around you and it was hot enough that we felt confident to try out the frigidarium.
  4. Caladarium – what a shock to the system! Coming in hot at 40ºc, this pool feels great on your muscles as you sit and relax. To be honest, it took my breath away at first because I wasn’t expecting it to feel so hot on my skin after being in the cold bath.
  5. Balneum – I actually really enjoyed this pool, known as ‘The Bath of A Thousand Jets’. You walk in and can find your own little space where numerous jets surround your body. You will be able to stay in for quite some time because the water doesn’t feel very hot.
  6. Flotarium – Now, this pool was my favourite. It’s a salt bath, and when you relax enough and lean back, you will float in the pool. If you’re feeling unsure, there is a bar that runs all down the side of the pool for you to hold onto. The best part: There’s also a shower area where you can rub extra salt on yourself. I don’t remember the last time I felt so soft. Fun Fact: The salt level is the same as the dead sea.
  7. Wine Bath – You will spot the wine bath as you walk from the Caldarium to the Balneum. It’s important to note that this bath needs to be booked before your visit. This is something you can easily do online.

**There are the two Frigidaiums (one is 14º and the ice bath is 10º) and then another hidden one in the vaporium.

In the middle area of the spa, you’ll also find a drinking water station, a toilet area, and two showers where you can rinse off in between baths.
Before you go into the Flotarium, you will walk through a very relaxing area with heated marble. The staff encourage you to be as quiet as possible in this area. Here you can sit in your robe, drink tea or water, or even eat truffles and drink prosecco if you’ve ordered it at the time of booking.

We had the fresh orange juice and it was delicious. Also just what we needed after such a relaxing time in the pools.

What to Expect at Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Bath Spa Reception area with bookcase

You’ll feel a sense of calm as you walk up to Aire Ancient Baths London entrance. As you walk in you’ll turn left towards reception. The friendly staff will be there to greet you and check you in. You can sit in the reception or there is a second waiting room while the team prepare for your visit.

You’ll be offered a refreshing beverage or water while you wait. Once your booking time arrives, staff will give you bands based on what type of booking you have made. Then, they will show you to the change rooms which are located downstairs.

I saw a lift when we arrived so it is good to know that the lower levels are easily accessible. However, it is essential to note that there are steps in and out of the pools once you are in the spa.

You will find everything you need in the clean, and spacious change rooms. Even down to hair ties. The Aire staff have really thought of it all. Once you’ve changed and locked your belongings away in your assigned locker, you will be taken to the waiting area before heading down to the spa.

As you walk through the doors you will immediately feel the temperature change and smell the wonderful relaxing scents floating around the facilities. Wrapped in your robe and wearing Aire non-slip slippers, you will head down the stairs where a staff member will show you around and talk you through the pools and their ranging temperatures.

Aire Ancient Baths Locations

AIRE Ancient Baths Waiting Room with brown sofa and bookcase

There are Aire Spas dotted around globally in places such as New York, London (location in this post), Chicago, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Sevilla, Vallromanes, Almería, and Tenerife. You can read more about other locations on their website.

Aire Ancient Baths London Prices

Prices start at £95 for the spa alone, and then you can add extra services. We opted to add a massage (£245 package) and it was definitely worth it! I highly recommend the sandalwood and warm Amethyst crystals massage.

There are also wedding specials which looked incredible. The 45-minute Wedding Love Connection would be my choice. Aire Ancient Bath says, “A soothing 45-minute massage for two, enhanced with rich sandalwood oil and warm Amethyst crystals. Followed by our magical Ancient Thermal Baths tour and cava and truffles or fresh fruit juices to refresh together. A perfect experience to share on such a special day.”

Aire Ancient Baths London also kindly asks you to leave your phones/cameras in your locker to provide privacy to the other visitors. I love this idea but because of this, you will have to visit their website for photos of what the baths look like.

Aire Ancient Baths London FAQs:

Is Aire Ancient Baths for couples?

Yes! Aire Spa in London is open to everyone. It’s such a calm, respectful spa that you will feel welcome whether you’re with your partner, friend, family or solo.

Do You Wear a Bathing Suit at Aire?

Yes, you do. Lucky for you, if you forgot yours there are bathing suits you can borrow from the spa.

Are there changing facilities at Aire Ancient Baths in London?

Yes! There are lockers, showers, and drying facilities. There is also a small range of products such as hair ties, makeup removers, hair dryers, combs, etc.

When will my Aire treatment take place?

In my personal experience, we were able to enjoy the various baths before being called for our treatment. This was roughly 60 minutes into our experience. When I asked the staff, I was told that your treatment time will depend on your booking but that they try to always get you to enjoy the baths first, have your treatment, and then enjoy a bit more of the baths.

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