Map Her Miles holding a pastry at one of the Cat Cafes in London

4 Best Cat Cafés in London – Fur Real

Map Her Miles holding a pastry at one of the Cat Cafes in London

Did you know there are Cat Cafés in London?

Well lucky for you – I’ve rounded up the best London cat cafés.

Imagine my face when I learnt that London had cat cafés… Well, I won’t bore you with the details but I was over the moon. Yes, I have two cats at home; and yes it is strange to want to pay money to spend time with other cats. However, a cat café in London is good for more than just purr-fect kitty cuddles.

Whether you want to enjoy a quick coffee, lunch, or even a bottomless brunch- these London cat cafés need to be on your list.

Whiskers and Cream – London Cat Café

Afternoon tea at Whiskers & Cream Cat Cafe London

Here you can enjoy artisan drinks, light bites or even afternoon tea. When you enter the cat cafe, you’ll be asked to sanitise your hands and then walk into the first room. The door behind you needs to be shut before you can enter the dining space (to keep our furry friends safe- of course!)

There are many resident cats. Jack and Jasper were definitely my favourites. So friendly and willing to play. They were born in 2018 and are two HUGE Maine Coon brothers. They have a cheeky side when you’re eating, but love a chin scratch once you’re done.

Trixie was a favourite by many of the visitors. She was so tiny and was very keen on snuggles- too!

Whiskers and Cream London cat cafe do a great job of keeping its carbon footprint down too. They make a conscious effort to source their products locally. (A big thumbs up from me)

We enjoyed the bottomless afternoon tea for two and it was a wonderful experience. I highly suggest their afternoon tea- the scones were delicious! It’s good to note that for this experience, you are told you have 90 minutes but I did see another couple add more time to their booking by paying a small £3.50 fee. (I believe this option is dependent on how many bookings there are that day)

Whiskers and Cream do allow children at their cafe, but it is important to note that if your child is under the age of 11, you should call in advance. Due to their animal welfare licensing, the cafe can only have a certain number of children inside at the same time.

All bookings are subject to an £11.00 deposit per person. You can find their up-to-date pricing on their website here.

Opening hours: Open 10am-5pm on weekdays (closed on Wednesday), 10am-5:30pm on weekends (timing are different if you bring children)

Address: 593 Holloway Rd, Archway, London N19 4DJ

Telephone:  0207 263 2888

Closest Station: Upper Holloway Rail Station (1 min walk) or Archway Underground Station (7 min walk)

Java Whiskers – Cat Café London

Java Whiskers - London Cat Cafe

Their motto is ‘paws, relax and watch the world pass by’. Well, they mostly got that right! Except I didn’t find myself watching the world pass by… I was too busy playing with all of the friendly cats in the cafe.

Java Whiskers is another one of the London cat cafés I recommend. It is extra special because they also have a kitten lounge. Yep- you read that right. On the first floor, you will find kittens from 9 weeks old to 1 year old. They are soo cute! (It’s important to note that because the kitten lounge is on the first floor- this is not accessible for wheelchair users.)

Don’t let that put you off though. The cat lounge is easily accessible and there are still loads of kitty friends to visit with at this London cat café.

Here you can also enjoy a luxurious mix of sweet and savoury items, fruits and a drink of choice in the presence of a purring kitty. You can book their afternoon tea in the cat lounge at the weekends between 2 pm-5 pm. (I personally recommend this)

Prices start from £29.99 per person and this includes your time in the cat lounge as well as the afternoon tea experience itself. You can book slots for either 55 minutes, 1 hour 25 minutes, or 1 hour 55 minutes.  

MHM Tip: Sometimes Java Whiskers has vouchers on Groupon. Check their first for a cheeky discount.

Opening hours: Open Sunday – Wednesday 10am – 8pm, Thursdays to Saturdays 10am – 9pm.

Address: 105 Great Portland St, London W1W 6QF (Marylebone) , Westfield London White City Location opening December 2022.


Closest Station: Great Portland Street Station (7 min walk) or Oxford Circus Station (8 min walk)

Lady Dinah – One of the First London Cat Cafés

Be the cat that got the cream (and scones) at Lady Dinah’s cat cafe! I love this line and it just totally draws me into their website. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium prides itself on being award winning and accommodating for accessible seating.

What sets Lady Dinah’s London cat café apart from the others? Well, in my opinion- it’s their Happy Purrday experience, starting at £30 per person. This is food decorated extra special for someone’s birthday. The perfect gift for any cat lover. (cough, cough, me)

The booking process is slightly different for this London cat café. It’s as follows:

You can book a 90-minute slot for £20 per person and this does not include food and drink.

MHM Tip: From 4 pm – 5 pm only- you can book 1-hour time slots for £13.50 per person.

If you want to book a time slot that includes food and drink (sort of like the Happy Purrday experience I mentioned above) then you can have a look at their up-to-date information and prices on their website by clicking the ‘Book a Table’ button.

Food and Drink

If you didn’t book a package with food and drinks- that’s absolutely no problem. You can choose from their menu once you’re inside the cat café. So don’t worry you foodies out there! You won’t go hungry and there is plenty of options.

Another important point to note is that Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium kindly ask that you do not bring children under the age of 12 and that children aged 12-17 are accompanied by an adult.

Opening hours: Open Monday – Sunday 11am – 5pm.

Address: Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, 152-154, Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6DG

Telephone:  020 8616 9390

Closest Station: Shoreditch High Street Overground (5 min walk), Liverpool Street Station (16 min walk), Bethnal Green Station (13 min walk).

La Maison du Chat London Cat Café 

London Cat Cafes: Maison du Chat ginger cat doing a yoga pose

As soon as you head to La Maison du Chat’s website you will read ‘It Takes a Village…’ and this is TOO true. This Cat Café in London which offers tempting veggie, vegan and gluten-free options, is slightly different to the ones above. At this cafe, they house cats that haven’t had the best start in life- and give you the opportunity to play and interact with the cats in hopes that you just might fall in love with one and want to adopt a new furry friend.

Another unique opportunity at this cafe is the fact that every Saturday they put on a yoga session at 8.30am. Yep, you read that right. Yoga in a cat café. I mean- sign me up.

After the vinyasa yoga class you can snuggle the kittens and cats while enjoying a complimentary detox smoothie. I mean… Is there a better way to start your Saturday? See ya there!

Note: You don’t need to pay in advance to book this café, but I do recommend making a booking just to ensure that you get a table.

Opening hours: Open Wednesday – Sunday 9 am – 6pm.

Address: 55 Moreton St, Pimlico, SW1V 2NY

Telephone: 020 7233 6754

Closest Station: Pimlico Underground station (6 min walk) 

Paws Cat Cafe – 1hr From London

This Cat Café is in Kent- however I have included it in this article because it’s a 1 hour train ride from London and another great cafe.

Paws Cat Café is home to many rescue cats and a place where the staff encourage you to “enjoy a slice of cake and a coffee and a cat or two….or three…or more!” When you walk into this cafe you get a real feeling of being ‘at home’ rather than in a café.

Paws Cat Café was opened by a lovely women who’s family got her two cats for her birthday. A year later, one of her cats had 3 adorable kittens and she just had to keep them. Realising she now had 5 cats in her home- she decided that opening a safe space for them where others could visit would be the best of both worlds.

So, that alone is the reason why this cat café has such a special place in my heart and deserved to be mentioned in this article!

My Overall Thoughts on Cat Cafés in London

sleeping cat - cat cafe London

To be honest, I think London is a great place for diversity and trying new things. Not only do the cat cafés offer a unique experience for us cat lovers, it’s also so fantastic to know that there are people out there making a conscious effort to re-home and give a new loving life to these animals.

Animal shelters can be overcrowded and although they do their best, a cat café is a great way to care for these animals as a permanent and temporary solution.

In my experience, the staff are always so friendly, helpful and patient with the customers. They work so hard to care for the animals and teach you how to interact with them. Not to mention I’ve always enjoyed my afternoon tea knowing that my money is going to support the animals rather than a large business chain.

Cat Cafés in London are a fun experience and I highly recommend visiting one. (Of course, I do! I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t.)

PS… Why not plan a fun and relaxing day out? Start at one of these London Cat Cafés, then make your way to Aire Ancient Spa! For all the cat lovers out there… What a great way to spend a birthday. You could even make your life easier by going for a river cruise on the Thames rather than fighting your way through the busy underground.

Cat Cafés in London FAQs

Are Cat Cafés Ethical?

The above-listed Cat Cafés follow strict animal welfare guidelines- which is why most have strict children rules as well as other house rules found on their websites. The staff are very diligent with ensuring that the humans are caring for the animals appropriately. They even ask that you do not feed the cats as this upsets their stomachs.

Can I Bring Children to a Cat Café?

Every cafe has different rules. Due to animal welfare, there are restrictions on the amount of children that can be in the cafe at the same time. Please call ahead prior to booking online.

What Do You Do in a Cat Café?

You get to snuggle and play with a variety of different cats while enjoying a quick bite to eat, or in some locations, an afternoon tea.

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