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Crome French Toast Restaurant in London – Honest Review

Welcome to MHM Honest Review of Crome French toast Restaurant in London. 

Let’s start this off by saying I am officially declaring food as my love language. I’m not sure that’s technically a thing, but it is on MHM Blog! If you’re new here, I think I live my life on a countdown to when I can experience my next great meal! I also keep up with regular exercise so that I can indulge from time to time. Don’t we all do that?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy many experiences. But food, well food is just so. Dang. Good. So, you want to know if you should visit London’s first French Toast cafe? Read on to find out!

The Need to Know Before You Go

French toast restaurant in London

Crome Cafe is London’s first french toast spot and prides itself on making our favourite brunch classics into multi-layer french toast stacks. Not only can you order french toast, but they also have fantastic coffee drinks and other beverages. Some look very ‘instagrammable’, so get that phone out!

MHM Fun Fact: Crome Cafe serves sweet and savoury french toast, and coffees and has unique lilac decor inside.

How to Find the BEST French Toast Restaurant in London:

The most convenient way to travel around London is by tube. So, the closest station to the restaurant is Bond Street Station. Once you’re out of the station, it’s about a 2-3 minute walk from Oxford Street to Crome cafe. 

Address: 36 James Street, St Christopher’s Place, London, W1U 1ES

What to Expect at Crome: London’s First French Toast Café

The Best French toast in London

As you walk up the street towards the cafe you will spot the lilac awning and the lilac decor outside. If you arrive once the cafe has been open for a while then you will be guided by your senses as your nose takes you on a sweet and savoury journey to French Toast heaven! Okay you foodies, I’m telling you… This place will send your sweet tooth singing!

If you followed my visit on Instagram (@maphermiles) then you’ll know what I mean.

We opted to sit outside as the weather was nice but if you sit inside you will be greeted by their funky lilac decor and neon signs along the walls. There isn’t much seating, and it got quite busy as we were leaving. So I would keep this in mind when you visit. 

We arrived at 10 am just as the café was opening. There were already 4 different tables seated when we arrived. (A good sign but also shows how busy it can get) It’s important to know that you also can’t book tables in advance. 

Crome French Toast Café: What We Ordered

Now for the great part, the French Toast. We ordered two plates to share and two drinks. Regrettably, I wish I ordered a savoury dish, but hey- no harm in going back a second time! 

French toast restaurant London, salted caramel

crome cafe: caramelised banana French toast

Sweet, Sweet French Toast in London

When we sat down I was immediately drawn to the sweet section of the French Toast. Yup, I love sweet dishes a little bit too much… I think. Or at least that’s what my dentist tries to tell me.

PS… I used my DJI Gimbal to take these photos and it was a dream! I’ve linked it here on my Amazon shop.

First up was the Salted Caramel & Chocolate French Toast (£11.50). This thing was covered in salted caramel sauce. The ooey gooey sauce mixed with the Oreos and kinder bars and Ferrero rocher and milky bars made this dish seriously stand out! The salted caramel sauce confidently takes over the taste of this dish. So, for salted caramel lovers, this one is for you! 

I did enjoy it, but it was almost a bit too salty for me.

Next up was the Caramelised Banana & Lotus Biscoff French Toast (£11.25). Hellooo perfection! This dish was full of biscoff love (if you’re new to biscoff, you can thank me later for this one!) The caramelised banana was the perfect combination of crispy and soft. The biscoff was drizzled to just the right amount and each bite had your senses tingling! 

Both of these french toast plates were delicious, but I would say that next time I will opt to share one dish, rather than try to work through eating one whole plate myself! Oops.

Crome Café Coffees

pistachio Spanish coffe, crome cafe

orea spanish latte from Crome cafe

We ordered the Oreo Spanish latte (£7.50) and the Pistachio Spanish latte (£7.75). Both were absolutely fantastic! A nice strong shot of espresso to wake you up in the morning and a sweet treat mixed in. 

The oreo latte was almost too pretty to actually drink! The pistachio latte was also delicious. It had loads of flavour and the first few sips were 10/10. 

I’ve got to be honest though. Between two orders of sweet french toast and two sweet lattes, I was sugared out by the end of our visit! 

I think the word I’m getting at here is moderation…

My Overall Crome Cafe London Review

Neon sign inside Crome French toast cafe

So, I started this article by saying this is the best french toast spot in London and I still mean it. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, the menu is specific to well… French toast! The coffees are unique and perfect for that Instagram moment (which is very 2022). The French Toast itself is seriously good. 

My only con would be that it was a bit too sweet for me. 

Don’t worry, though. That can be fixed by ordering a savoury option rather than so many sweet treats! I look forward to going back and trying more from the menu.

Let me know in the comments what you’d like to order first!

Thank you, Crome Café for having us and treating us to the best french toast in London. We will see you soon!

French toast restaurant London, sipping pistachio latte

PS… Want somewhere else to try in London? I highly recommend Comptoir Libanais Restaurant. You won’t find french toast on their menu, but it’s a darn good place!


Can you get Nutella french toast in London?

This question comes up all the time on my IG! I’m finally able to say that Crome does Nutella french toast options!!

Can you book a table at Crome Café?

No, you can’t book ahead so my advice is to get there early or be prepared to wait.

Is Crome Café the only french toast restaurant in London?

There are also restaurants that serve french toast, but Crome takes the Number 1 spot!

Pinning my post really helps to get more foodies involved in finding new places to eat! Thank you for your support. 


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  1. I admit the food looks super yummy, but maybe a bit overwhelming with sugar! But I’d probably give it a try! The place look great!

    1. I definitely had a sugar overload by the end of my meal… Definitely would suggest sharing one between two people! And possibly have it as a dessert rather than your first meal of the day. haha

  2. Oh my gosh this place looks amazing! Food is my love language too. Love the sound of the Pistachio Spanish latte (I’m gluten free so this treat would work well). Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Food is just too good to not want to try everything!! haha. Yes, the pistachio latte was really good. I think you would really like it! I can’t remember if there were gluten-free options but they had a very detailed menu.

  3. Yum! This place looks amazing! I’ll definitely be saving this and be taking a trip as soon as I am back home from travelling. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I’m so pleased you liked it! The French Toast was seriously so good. The only thing was it was a lot of sweetness for one person. I’d recommend getting savoury options, too. Or sharing!!

  4. I’m not big on sweets or breakfast food, but my boyfriend would LOVE this. I’ll have to save to share with him, especially if we ever plan on visiting London together one day! Thanks for sharing. Xx Sara

  5. I visit London from time to time and it looks like a place to check out in one of my future visits. I would go for savoury option though as I am not big sweet lover. Thanks for sharing!

    1. This place sounds too dangerous for me!!! A restaurant just for French toast, my weak point? Uh oh! But seriously – wow! That’s amazing! Would love to try on my next visit.

  6. French Toast is always a treat when we travel. We will definitely have to visit Crome French Toast Restaurant the next time we get to London. The French toast all slathered with chocolate and salted caramel would make me drool. I too might be sugared out after a visit. But ohhh so happy!

  7. You had me at French Toast! What a cute cafe with delicious offerings. I love breakfast and brunch for all times of the day, so I could see I would go for both the sweet and savoury options.

    1. I never think to order french toast when I’m eating out but I’m glad we did that day. It was so good. You’d love it! If you do try a savoury option, please let me know how it is!!

  8. Whoa, talk about a sugar rush! The Salted Caramel & Chocolate French Toast sounds amazing and so decadent – that’s probably what I would order. Nothing better than caramel and chocolate together. I’ll keep this on my radar for the next time I visit London. Thanks for sharing your review!

  9. I am a huge fan of French toast! It is my favorite thing for brunch. And I’m heading to London in the fall. So this review of Crome French Toast Restaurant in London is perfect timing!

    1. Oh yes! I’m so excited for you! I really hope that you get to try this Crome when you come to visit us. I also really hope you enjoy your trip to London!

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