Best Things to do in Palma De Mallorca

So, you’ve finally booked your trip to Palma De Mallorca and now you’re looking for things to do. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Most people spend about a week in Palma, so I’ve done the hard work for you and researched all the best things to do in Palma. This way, you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying your holiday in Palma!

Let’s start this off with a bang!

Admire Palma’s Cathedral

La Seu Cathedral in Palma De Mallorca

My favourite Cathedral to date! This beautiful 14th Century Cathedral will seriously stop you in your tracks. Known as ‘La Seu Cathedral’ and located right in the middle of Palma De Mallorca. You have two options here. Admire the Cathedral from outside and definitely make sure you walk all the way around it! Or, buy a ticket (we paid €8 for ours) and really appreciate the beauty of this Cathedral. As you walk inside, you’ll notice the sun shining through the stained glass which creates a rainbow effect on the pillars of the cathedral. There are multi-lingual signs inside so you can read all about who made a positive impact on this beauty.

PS: You have to visit the Cathedral in the day (morning to avoid crowds) as well as the evening when it is all lit up.

Visit Castell de Bellver

View of Palma from Bellver Castle

This castle is unique compared to others because it is round! To get to the castle, you will walk through a pine tree forest. Great on those hot summer days! Fair warning that the walk can be quite steep, so pack water! We were ill-prepared so our throats were dryer than the freaking Sahara desert! When we visited in August, there was nowhere at the castle to buy water. BUT, that aside, the views from the castle are seriously beautiful and I would still say it’s worth the visit.

Another note is that there aren’t any signs to describe what you are looking at. So either read about the castle prior to your visit and do a quick google search while you’re there if you’d like to learn more.

Wander Through Palma’s Old Town

Forn des Teatre in Old Town Palma

If you love fascinating architecture and looking at buildings that tell stories, then you need to wander through the streets in Old Town. Visit in the morning to beat the crowds and take photos, and then come back in the evening once the cafes and restaurants open to really get a proper experience. Stop at one of the restaurants for a jug of sangria, or a cappuccino if you’re there early morning, of course!

Spend the Day at the Beach

Play del Palma, Palma Beach

No trip to Palma is complete without a trip to the beach (duh!) so get your beach towels, sun hats, and swimming costumes because you’re going swimming! The water is warm and in the morning, the waves are very calm. Pack a picnic or walk down to one of the seaside bars for a snack.

By the way, be sure to apply suncream regularly or you’ll end up like me, a fried tomato! Don’t worry, I’ve opted not to share that photo of me here.

Hire a Scooter or Bike

They’re everywhere in Palma and everyone and their auntie seems to have one! Hire a scooter and go down the coastline along the promenade. Palma has excellent bike lanes so you won’t have to worry about navigating through pedestrians.

Walk down Palma’s Paseo del Borne

Store front shops in Paseo del Borne
Tall trees lining the avenue in Paseo del Borne

This is a must-see when in Palma and is quite possibly one of my favourite avenues to walk down! Lined with beautiful tall trees which provide shade from the sun and each building is so beautiful. Look up as you walk along to admire the romantic buildings. Like shopping? Great, you can do that here! Like cute cafes? You’ll find them here too! Stop for a refreshing frappuccino at Cappuccino Hotel or sit and have a gin & tonic before dinner. You’ll hear the fountain in the background and the birds chirping in the trees. To me, this felt like the heart of the city.

Admire the Sunset

Beautiful sunset near the Cathedral

Sometimes, we can be so keen to sightsee that we’re knackered by the end of the day. Or, we lose track of time whilst sitting in a restaurant and we miss the sunset completely. Don’t make that mistake here. Palma offers a beautiful sunset. I really encourage you to sit and enjoy it one evening. You won’t be disappointed.

Shop ’til you Drop at Mercat de L’Olivar

Or shall I say, until you’re full! Break up with the cobblestone streets, and touristy hustle and bustle for a while, and go explore this Palma market. You’ll find tapas, fresh Balearic seafood and vendors are galore! Upstairs, there is a proper market. Which is perfect if you want to pick up some fresh produce. This Palma market has my seal of approval! (Sorry for the bad pun!)

Santa Catalina Food Market

Located more towards the seaside and not in the centre of Palma, Santa Catalina is another fabulous fresh market! You’ll discover fresh seafood and meats, frozen meats too! Unfortunately, the market was closed when we visited, but it was recommended to us by quite a few people. You can read more about the market on their website here!

Walk Through Mayor Plaza in Old Town Palma

In the morning, you will see people hanging out their washing and watering their plants on their balconies above the plaza. By late afternoon/evening you can walk through the plaza and find many cafes and restaurants. Sometimes, there are people out selling fake handbags. So beware of that! We first visited in the morning, and it was beautiful and calm.

Are you an Art Lover? Visit Palma’s Art Quarter

Walk down the numerous streets in the Art quarter to admire the vast range of beautiful artwork. Even at night, you can enjoy the galleries. They are lit up perfectly for you to view from the darker streets. Then, visit the Art Museum in the day.

For the Foodies: Book a Food Tasting Tour

Beautiful buildings near Old Town, viewing from Cappuccino Hotel

That says it all really. Go on a tour in Palma and experience some of the most delicious Balearic dishes. You can book a food tour here and explore Old Town while you’re at it. I highly recommend booking in advance so you can plan your day accordingly!

Admire the Ancient Arab Baths

You won’t need more than 30 minutes or so here. There is a small garden, and one chamber to admire and then you could finish the tour if you like. This isn’t a spectacular sight and could be skipped if you are short on time. However, if old, 10th Century Baths are something that interests you, then I suggest paying it a short visit. It was 3 euros to enter.

Beyond Palma De Mallorca

Take the train to Soller

About an hour train ride and you’ll arrive in beautiful Soller. You can book the train online and it leaves straight from Palma. The train timetable can be found online here. You can also book an excursion, which includes a coach ride and brief history lesson on the windmills, the train ride with photo opportunities and then you arrive in Soller. You can stop here and admire the lovely port. We went on an excursion this day, so we carried on to a catamaran which took us out to sea. It’s a lovely day out. You can see the Mallorca island tour we booked through Get Your Guide here.

Hire a Boat

Port of Soller. View from Catamaran

You can’t come all the way to Palma and not get out on a boat at least once. Whether this is through the tour you booked above, or a private boat hire from the Marina in Palma. Viewing Palma by sea is a great way to add a new perspective to such a beautiful place.

Visit the Lluc Monastery

Lluc Monastery in the mountains

Located in the middle of the mountain range, at an altitude of 525m. This beautiful Monastery has a chapel, restaurant and many different ‘wings’. We were told that you can stay there if you are hiking in the mountains! You’re greeted with a sense of peace as you enter as everyone is quiet, admiring the 13th Century site. You can walk around the Monastery, and also venture off into the woods to get views from higher up. Read more about Lluc Sanctuary on Mallorca’s website.

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Palma De Mallorca is a beautiful part of the Balearic Islands and is definitely a part of Spain that is worth visiting. Whether you want to cram as much in as possible or relax by the beach, you can do it all here in Palma. The locals are so friendly and easy to talk to. Some are happy that I was making a huge effort to speak Spanish… Others asked if they could practise their English with me!

Are you a foodie like me? Read all about my favourite restaurants in Palma De Mallorca!

Want more travel inspiration? Why not read my blog post on how to spend 4 days in Malta!

Happy Traveling!

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  1. Food, history, landmarks…you’ve covered it all! I hear one of the best ways to see a city is from the water, so your suggestion to get on a boat is so important!

  2. Oooh, I love this article! It looks like you’ve planned the perfect itinerary for me, all the things I like to see and do. It’s inspired me to add this to my travel list.

    1. Wow, that’s fantastic! My biggest hope is that people are inspired to visit places I write about. I’m so pleased Palma is now on your list. You will love it when you do visit.

  3. Palma looks beautiful! I’d love to see the cathedral and explore old town – it looks enchanting! Hiring a boat sounds like the perfect way to admire the coast! Thanks for the great suggestions!

    1. The Cathedral is seriously breathtaking. It was my favourite landmark in Palma. Old Town is lovely, especially in the morning when everything is calm. Definitely get on a catamaran. It’s a fantastic way to explore by sea.

  4. Oooh you had me at the last part! Hiking in the mountains then staying at the monastery sounds like my cup of tea! The rest of Palma does look fabulous too. 🙂

    1. How brilliant! I was amazed when I learnt that you could stay there when you hike the mountain. They said it was busy, so I definitely recommend booking ahead. Thanks for your kind words!

      1. I think it’s like that all over Spain (at least my husbands mum, who is from Catalonia) mentioned that staying in the monasteries is a fab way to explore Spain.

  5. I can see why most people like to spend a week here! It looks absolutely stunning, and with so many unique things to see and do as well!

    1. Hi Krista, you are so right! You could easily spend longer in Palma too if you wanted to squeeze more things in. The buildings are just beautiful and there are great things to do here. Thank you for reading!

  6. Palma seems to have all the perfect ingredients for a great vacation! Hopefully I can go an visit one day!

  7. Palma de Mallorca was not really on my radar. It looks like there are some great things to see and do for an architecture geek like me. Beaches, great sunsets, bike rides along the coastline and great food will all be a draw for us.

  8. Wow! There’s so much to see here – its amazing. Especially since I’ve never heard of it -even when I was in Spain! You’ve found quite the gem!

  9. I hope to be able to go to Spain once the world opens to travel again. We had to cancel our Christmas plans in 2019 and were so disappointed. Thanks for a great article that gives more options of things to do and see. I would definitely love the market.

    1. It was so gutting when all of our trips started to get cancelled, wasn’t it? I really feel for you. I do hope that you’ll be able to rebook your trip and that I’ve given you some more ideas of things to do. The market is great!

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