The Good The Bad & The Luck: February 2022 Recap

Welcome to MHM February 2022 recap. The good, the bad and the luck.

Ahh February, the month of love for many. For me, February gives me a sense of joy as I notice it starts to get lighter in the mornings, and the birds are singing their morning songs even louder. Not to get all Snow White on you, but I love when the weather starts to shift! My February 2022 was filled with lots and lots of adventures!

MHM Highlights from February 2022

Well, the most exciting thing is that I booked a trip! It was very last minute and spur of the moment. But, those are usually the best trips. We are off to Vienna in April and I cannot wait to explore the city. If you’ve been, I’d love for you to DM me on Instagram with some tips!

This might not be exciting to many, but when you’re churning out new content and really trying to promote your blog and freelance writing, it is so exciting when a piece of content does well. February 2022 is the first month that one of my posts went viral! I had over 50k views! I’m so proud of this little blog and where it is going. I’m also so grateful to have you all with me, along for the journey.

Nearly every morning in February I was woken up by the birds singing in the forest behind my house. Something so simple that brings me so much joy. I usually notice the change in seasons this time of year when the animals start to appear again, and the days begin to get a little longer. These little things we notice as adults, huh?

Just My Luck: February 2022 Recap

I got home from work one day to notice that my front door started to crack. I’m not even really sure how this happens to be completely honest with you! After monitoring it for a few days and watching it spread (queue awkward laugh) I reached out to the door company and luckily they are going to replace our front door! Thank goodness for warranties.

MHM Lowlights: February 2022 Recap

You know that scene in Friends when Rachel and Chandler are splitting that delicious cheesecake and Rachel drops her half on the floor? Then Joey appears and digs in with his fork? Well, that basically happened to me when I was making spag-bowl! I was just getting ready to drain the pasta when my shoulder had one of its spasms and I dropped the bowl. If I was great at comedy I’d probably be able to turn this into a laughable moment.

However, for me, it was a reminder that I still live with chronic pain. Everyone handles pain differently and everyone’s pain and feelings are completely valid. I’ve said it before but I really sympathise with anyone who experiences any kind of pain.

MHM Busiest Instagram Post: February 2022 Recap

I posted a reel of this Lebanese restaurant, called Comptoir Libanais. We went to the Duke of York Square location. It was SUCH good food. Every dish was packed full of flavour and the decor inside really made you feel like you were in Lebanon without ever leaving London! I highly recommend checking it out. PS: I filmed this reel using the DJI Gimbal and I’ve just seen that you can get the new OM 5 kit on Amazon! I highly recommend getting the new one. I’ve linked it here from my Amazon shop. If you’re filming on your phone, this gadget is a must!!

22 Months with Jax & JJ

Well, Jax is a mini lion now! Meowing the house down and constantly pestering me until he gets some cuddles. He loves to wait for us by the window in the evenings and doesn’t leave our side when we are home. JJ is just as independent as ever. Claiming the whole bathroom now as her territory and does not want to share the sink with any of us!

What I Hit Publish On

You can read any of my previous posts. Just click on the links above!

What’s Next for MHM

In March I’m going to put 110% into building my Travel Agent Business. I love to travel (obviously) and I really enjoy finding and booking trips for other people. So I think it’s about time that I add this exciting adventure to Map Her Miles Blog! So, watch this space and if you want any hotels or trips booked… I’m your gal!

Destinations MHM Visited: February 2022 Recap

Ouse Valley Viaduct. It was such a beautiful place. We definitely got lost along the way and ended up walking for two and a half hours when it really was only about 20 minutes from the car park! However, it was a lovely sunny day and still nice to go for a walk. The Viaduct is incredible and still used as a train line. It’s definitely a hidden gem in England! And, it’s only about an hour and a half drive from London.

February was a great month and I had a lot of time to reflect on what’s coming up next. Thank you for reading my February 2022 recap!

Happy adventuring,

T x

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