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Instagram is kind of my thing. Here you will find updates about my travels, daily life, and the raw honest truth about my Mental Health. The good days and the bad! And, occasionally my two cats will make an appearance. 

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Map Her Miles started because I was scrolling through Instagram one day and everyone’s life seemed perfect. No, TOO perfect. I thought to myself- surely I can’t be the only one struggling today? Surely I’m not the only person out there that cries when they have a bad day? 

Then I realized- I am not alone. But those tiny squares on Instagram can portray this perfect life. Not all of the time and there are many really great amazing accounts out there! I just knew that my life is far from perfect. Believe me. I’ve made some really big mistakes in my life, but I’ve also had some really great achievements, too. 

On Instagram, I share my travel photos, yes. More importantly, though, I open up about my bad days. Because let us face it. We all have them! We just don’t all talk about them. 

My feed is mainly travelling photos and the occasional kitty snap. Sorry if you don’t like cats! But my stories are where you will get a glimpse into my everyday life. The ‘behind the scenes’ of that perfect Instagram square photo. 

I invite you to follow me and connect with me. We are never alone, I know that now- thanks to Map Her Miles and the community of like-minded people on there! Reach out to me, too. I do my very best to respond to every message that I receive. 

I look forward to seeing you on the gram! 

T x

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