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A Great Day Out at Borough Market

If you’re a foodie like me, then Borough Market London is the place to be! You’ll smell the most amazing smells of food cooking as you walk around the market and you’ll be blown away by how easily you can feel transported to places all around the world. The Borough Market opening times will also surprise you for a market – as currently it’s open 7 days a week!

Want a Brief History?

Borough Market in December

In 1756 the market was established in its current Southwark location. About a year later it was up and running as a market. Fun fact: It’s actually one of the oldest food markets in London! Many of the mid 1850s buildings are still there and you might even spot the date on some of them. If you spend enough time there, you can even spot the railway that goes through it. Useful tip: Look up to spot it! To this day, Borough Market is run by a charitable trust to keep the support alive within the local community.

How to Get To Borough Market London

Borough Market Vegetable Shop

First, travel by train and the underground is by far the easiest way to get to the market. The Jubilee line takes you right to it! Get off at London Bridge station and walk just a couple of minutes to the market. You’ll spot signs on the street corners directing you. Oh! And just incase you can’t spot the signs, if you walk towards Southwark Cathedral you will spot the market in no time. Or, of course, if you’re like me, allow your nose to guide the way as you smell the delicious dishes cooking!

Of course you can also travel by bike. Whether you ride your own or you have hired one of Londons bikes (which are everywhere by the way). There are loads of bike racks dotted around the market so you won’t have any problems locking up your bike.

If you want to ride a famous red bus to the market, then guess what- you’re in luck! There are bus stops on Southwark Street, Borough High Street and London Bridge, and at London Bridge station.

Best Time to Visit

I’m biased but I definitely love visiting Borough Market around the festive holidays. The shops bring out all their festive items for sale and the food feels magical. Of course, though, there is never a bad time to visit the market. Definitely check the hours ahead of time as the market closes early on a Sunday. If you want to plan a morning, or a day here, then I definitely recommend visiting in the Spring/ Summer when the days are warmer and the weather is a little more reliable.

With that said, if you dress up warm you can enjoy some lovely winter treats!

In terms of days of the week, my personal opinion is that Saturday is the best day to visit. Arguably, it is the busiest day, but it’s the busiest because everything is open. Monday and Tuesday are slower, but not all the stalls are open so you won’t get the full experience.

Also, it’s important to note that even though Borough Market is currently open on Sundays, this isn’t always the case! So definitely check ahead of time to avoid showing up to a closed market!

What You’ll Find at Borough Market London

Honestly, everything! There are more than 100 stalls, shops, restaurants, bars and stands. Even pop up ones! The list is endless from household items, to fruit and vegetables, to food from across the globe, to local artisans (my personal fave). There is so much history and personality here. Everyone is so friendly when you ask the vendors about their products. Borough Market is a great place to do a bit of gift shopping, for yourself or others! And of course try lots of different food and drinks.

As a result, many of the locals in the area pop in to pick up fresh bread and cheese for the weekend. There really is no limit to what you might find in the market. I recommend the fudge, all the cheese, and the mushroom risotto.

Want out of the cold? No problem, the lanes are also lined with indoor restaurants and bars.

You can read a full list of the vendors that are current at Borough Market on their website.

What to Wear

Warm and comfortable clothes! If you’re visiting in the winter you will definitely want to layer up and dress warm. The market is, for the most part, sheltered from the rain but the wind can chill you to the bone if you aren’t wrapped up warm. Be mindful of your footwear as well. Although most of the market is paved, there are some beautiful cobblestone paths that are awkward to walk across in heels. It’s not fun trying to dodge cobblestones AND people!

Frequently Asked Questions for Borough Market, London

What is Borough Market Opening Times?

Currently Borough market is open 7 days a week. 10 am – 5 pm Monday to Thursday, 10 am – 6 pm Friday, 8 am – 5 pm Saturday and 10 am – 2 pm Sunday. Although check online incase the hours change!

Is Borough Market Expensive?

No! You will find amazing deals on items and food, we all love a bargain.

What is Borough Market Famous For?

Definitely the food. You can find fresh organic produce, local products, and hot food galore! If you want the proper food experience, I recommend going on Saturday.

Can you sit at Borough Market?

There is seating dotted around the market. There’s also a bigger seating area for around 50 people near the ‘hot food’ section of the market. But it does get busy. You’ll often see people sat on the curb or eating and walking. All of which is socially acceptable around here!

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Happy Adventuring!

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