The Good, The Bad & The Luck: January 2022 Recap

Welcome to MHM January 2022 recap. The good, the bad and the luck.

So, where am I at? Well, I can’t believe that I have come full circle a whole year with my monthly recaps! I never would have thought that last January, when I started these monthly recaps, they would become the most read posts on my blog. Turns out, people like reading what goes on behind the scenes. And I like writing them just as much! January 2022 has been an interesting month. School started back up again, my vision board for the year is done, and my goals have been set. Are you ready to take on a new year? I personally have a feeling that this will be the best year yet. Are you with me?

MHM Highlights from January 2022 Recap 

I caught the most beautiful sunrise before work one morning. Do you ever get caught up in a moment, or you’re rushing around to not be late and then all of a sudden an unexpected beauty hits you right in the face and stops you in your tracks? A few weeks ago the sunrise did that to me. It was so beautiful and calm. True candy floss skies. Lately, I’ve been making a conscious effort to notice the small things around me, and it’s been so great.

Good friends are more like family. As I get older, I really appreciate my inner circle. Those friends that you can call on no matter what, and they’ll always give you the advice you need. Maybe not always the advice you want to hear, but that you need to hear. I’m so grateful for the incredible people that I have in my life. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to make such great friends since settling in England and keep in close contact with those around the world.

I LOVE my new bargain camera scarf strap. It’s so great around my neck, especially when my shoulder is bothering me. It’s lightweight, comfortable and much prettier than your standard strap. A few of you asked about it, so I thought I’d share the link here in case you want to take a look!

I’m finally starting to think about 2022 travel!

It’s strange, to be honest. To think that I don’t have any trips booked yet. What a whirlwind the past few years have been! It’s finally time to dust off that old passport of mine and maybe play a game of flight roulette… You might know how much I love that game! Actually, I should probably check to make sure my passport hasn’t expired. Yikes!

I finally went back to the Theatre! We saw Back to the Future and it was incredible! A great show and the props were amazing. It was such a fun afternoon and so nice to be back. I missed being able to go to shows. Although I didn’t miss the ridiculously priced ice-cream!

Just My Luck: January 2022 Recap

A more positive one this month actually! I never win on scratch cards. Literally never win. To the point that I now refer to them as ‘scratch and loses’. BUT! The tide has changed and last week I won £2 on a scratch card! I mean, a bit pathetic really that I got so excited, but hey-ho. It’s the little things that can make us smile, right? I’m just upset with myself that I didn’t take a photo! I was too excited in the moment and cashed it straight away.

MHM Lowlights: January 2022 Recap

I missed my dads 70th Birthday. As much as I love living in London, it definitely hurts when I miss milestone moments back in Canada. This one being the biggest one yet. I appreciate that not a lot is open right now in my home town, but I would have given anything to transport to Canada for the day to give my dad a big hug. He knows I wish I could’ve been there. And I know that he knows I love him. But it still hurts to be away from family. I had a bit of a wobble and a daughter fail moment. Dad, if you’re reading this: I love you! 

Living with chronic pain can seriously drag you down! I mean, I just want to send a huge hug out to anyone that suffers from chronic pain. It seriously sucks. It hits you in waves and as much as you try to put on a brave face, some days just hurt like hell. I’m a teacher, so my job doesn’t really allow for much healing time. No matter how much I try. This month, I had a scary moment where I thought… Maybe I won’t be able to teach for as long as I thought I would. And you know what? That’s a sad thought. 

MHM Busiest Instagram Post: January Recap

I shared a fun video of Piccadilly Circus busy with people on such a beautiful sunny day. It was so nice to see such a popular spot feel alive again. And! Harry Potter fans might recognise the location.

21 Months with Jax & JJ

Hello, my cutie patooties! (How do you even spell that word?) Jax and JJ are quite literally my therapy animals. Always greeting me when I walk in the door and jumping up for a cuddle. They bring so much love into my home and I hope that never changes! Of course, they’re not perfect. In fact, I might argue that they are more of pests than pets! Sleeping in the sinks, chewing all the door stops, jumping ontop of the doors! But I wouldn’t change their personalities for the world.

What I Hit Publish On

You can read any of my previous posts. Just click on the links above!

What’s Next for MHM

With February creeping up, and my January 2022 recap written, I can’t believe we are already one month into the new year! Half term in coming up, so I’m really hoping to go on a last minute trip. I’m not sure if it’ll be somewhere in England or abroad, but it would be nice to get away for a few nights. I promised myself that this year I would do more solo travel, instead of missing out on opportunities. 

So, I think there’s something about visiting a new destination on your own that really makes you appreciate this beautiful world. Or atleast, for me anyway. I start to see things through a new lens and get to spend a lot of time appreciating the moment I’m in. Not trying to relive the past, or capture the future. Just be in the moment. And be still with my thoughts. If you’ve not ever done a solo trip, I highly encourage it! 

I finally started a Facebook page! I kept putting it off as I was trying to keep up with Instagram and Pinterest. But I’m really excited for this next adventure. You can like my page if you want Facebook updates about new blog posts!

Destinations MHM Visited

I finally went back to Borough Market. It’s no secret that I love a food market! And this place has it all. Delicious food from all around the world, and local dishes, too! I wrote a mini guide on Borough Market on the blog. You can read it here!

We ate at a gorgeous 100% plant-based restaurant, called Mallow, right near Borough Market. All the dishes were packed full of flavour. I couldn’t believe how delicious everything was! You can read my restaurant review to find out more and see what I ate.

I also visited this fantastic book store on a boat, about a 5-10 minute walk from Kings Cross. It was so cool and quirky. Great music and such an authentic vibe. I highly recommend checking them out! They’re called Word on the Water – The London Bookbarge. I also wrote a mini guide about it. Check it out here!

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Love, T.

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