Krka Waterfalls National Park

Love Waterfalls? You need to visit Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park is bursting with majestic turquoise waterfalls at every turn, birds chirping away in the trees, and numerous evergreens wherever you go. Many tourists opt to visit Plitvice National Park when they go to Croatia, but here is why you should visit Krka Waterfalls National Park, instead.

Most importantly, you can SWIM in Krka Waterfalls. Something that is strictly banned at Plitvice National Park. Let’s be honest with each other, if you are planning a trip to Croatia, or have been already, you have to be a water-loving mermaid, like me- Right?

2021 Update: The Government has closed the park to public swimming in order to preserve the natural wildlife. Krka National Park is a beautiful sight and although you can no longer swim in the waterfalls, it should still be at the top of your list of National Parks to visit when in Croatia.

Krka Waterfalls National Park

How to get to Krka Waterfalls National Park from Split

We visited the Krka Waterfalls on our last day in Croatia, so we opted to take a tourist bus from Split rather than hire a car. It was about a 2-hour drive and as we entered the park I thought the bus was going to drive off the side of the cliff! Seriously, the road is steep, curvy, and if you are going in August (like us) then there are more cars than you would like to see on such a narrow road. If you’re afraid of heights, do not look out the window down the side of the cliff- you will feel sick.

We had our tickets already because we booked the tour prior to arriving, but it is very easy to buy your tickets on arrival. Just be prepared to wait in a queue if you are going peak season! My advice, buy before or buy online!

Helpful Tip: If you’re buying your tour in Split, be sure to shop around with the different local vendors as their prices drastically vary! Don’t be afraid to barter.

Krka Waterfalls National Park

Walking through Krka Waterfalls National Park

There are many different trails you can follow which lead you to the numerous waterfalls. So many great places to stop and take photos of the falls, fish, birds, and greenery! It is about a 45-minute walk down to the main swimming area, Skradinski Buk. Here you will find a full view of the park’s most beautiful display of waterfalls. You can swim anywhere in the designated area, you just can’t swim right up to the falls.

Helpful Tip: Pack a picnic and enjoy it by the falls.

Krka National Park

To walk the whole park, will take about 2 hours, as long as you follow the wooden planks. There are other trails, but we were advised to not wander off too far. There is so much to see at Krka National Park, you can easily spend up to 8 hours there and make a day of it!

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Why not Plitvice Lakes National Park?

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a very large park with 16 individual lakes, each joined by waterfalls. There is no denying that it is stunning! If you have time, and are in Croatia for a week or more and your intinerary allows it, I would definitely recommend visiting the Lakes.

Just keep in mind Plitvice Lakes is more in central Croatia, so it is a lot more travel time to get there. If you have the time though, definitely visit! You won’t regret it.

The one downside- as I mentioned earlier, you cannot swim here. For us, because we only had one more day, this is why we didn’t choose to visit.

That being said, though, when we return to Croatia it is on our itinerary. Let me know if you have been to Plitivice Lakes National Park in the comments below!

Helpful Tip: If you are travelling with luggage, you can hire a locker to store your large suitcases or bags while you travel to Krka Waterfalls. As it was our last day, we had already checked out of our hotel. Our bags were locked away for the day and safe.

Photo by: Visit Croatia

The Krka Waterfalls are truly stunning and ones you won’t want to miss. You will quickly be enchanted by the turquoise waters and natural beauty. The National Park is clean and respectfully protected by the locals as well as all the tourists. I know you will fall in love with the waterfalls at first sight, just like I did.

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