MHM The Good The Bad & The Luck: August 2021 Recap

Welcome to MHM August 2021 recap. The good, the bad and the luck. So, where am I at? August has been an amazing month! Well, for the most part, that is. I had the whole month off of work and it was a dream. We jet-set off to Spain for a week and even got to spend a few days in North Devon with family. For the first time in a long time, everything felt, well, back to how it was before. August 2021 was filled with great memories and good learning curves. And, finally, the discussions around the dinner table haven’t been about the pandemic!

MHM Highlights from August 2021

August 2021 recap - first flight

We flew to Spain! It was so nice to finally go on a holiday after staying in London for so long. It’s been nearly two years since I’d flown anywhere! Not to mention, looking out of a plane window again! I appreciated the culture, food, experiences, and sightseeing more than I ever thought possible. I mean, who doesn’t love going abroad?! Palma felt safe, and everyone seemed so happy. I definitely recommend visiting, if you’re ever heading that way!

Village in North Devon

North Devon is beautiful. We stayed in a lovely thatched-roof cottage, more or less in the middle of nowhere. It was the perfect place to relax and also go out and explore North Devon. Spending some time with family after restrictions eased felt so nice. You almost forgot for a moment that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. This year was the year of staycations for many. And although we were among those people, no where felt too busy and in fact, a lot of places we went to were less crowded. That could also be because the early bird gets the worm and we were always out exploring quite early.

16 Months with Jax & JJ

16 Months with Jax & JJ

My furry besties are better than ever! Loving life and loving spending time in the garden. They also love trying to escape over the fence! I don’t really know what life was like without them now. It’s been so nice having them in the house, welcoming us as we walk through the front door. Pets fill your home with so much love! We have started to recognise the noises they make and what they mean. As well as their personality traits. Jax & JJ have really helped me with my panic attacks. I definitely treat them as my emotional support animals. They always know when I need that extra bit of love. Jax especially.

Just My Luck: August 2021 Recap

My dad always says, “Trea, if it wasn’t for your bad luck, you would have no luck at all.” And I really felt like that was true for parts of this August. Every other week I was being told I needed to self-isolate because I came into contact with someone that had COVID. In fact, three times I was told I needed to self-isolate! It was just so typical that it would happen to me. The rules are always changing too, so that didn’t help! Because of this though, we ended up missing the first few days of our Devon trip.

August 2021 recap trip to North Devon - Cottage

My olive tree also officially found a new home in the compost heap. If you follow me on Instagram, @maphermiles, you would have seen how I was trying to save the thing! Worry no more: My sister in law bought me a new one. I planned on sharing this great video of how I spent my summer reviving the thing… Well, obviously that went to s*** when the plant died on me. I’m really hoping this new one thrives. Any gardening tips, please send them my way!

MHM Lowlights: August 2021 recap

Sometimes, annoying and bad things happen to good people. A few weeks ago I felt like no matter what I did, something bad would follow. And it really started to get to me! Since then, I’ve been trying to dissect these things that are happening and find a positive from them. To be honest, at first, I didn’t see the benefit of it. But, now that I’ve been practising viewing events this way, I can say that it is working. There is always a positive in everything that happens. Even if you really have to dig deep to find it. Like really, really deep.

MHM Busiest Instagram Post

Funny enough, I posted about seeing the good in things that happen to us, and how I pledge to practice always finding the good in tough situations. This post got the most reach out of any other post I posted in August. I learnt that a lot of my followers feel the same way. It was so nice to connect with other like-minded people and see just how strong the little @maphermiles community really is.

What I Hit Publish on This Month

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What’s Next for MHM

Well, September means that school is starting up again! I get to welcome another new class and meet my new students for this school year. I’m also looking forward to attending a few concerts that have been postponed for the better half of two years now. To top it all off, the trees are starting to change colour which tells me Autumn is on its way. September/October is my favourite time of year. The weather is still quite mild and the trees go a beautiful orange and yellow. And, it’s nearly socially acceptable to start making pumpkin pie again! Even if I’m the only one that eats it!

Destinations MHM Visited This Month

Valley of the Rocks - North Devon

Palma De Mallorca was amazing! The weather was beautiful, the sightseeing was incredible and the food was SO good. In fact, I’d go back just for the food. I had the best shrimp tacos of my LIFE! Seriously. We also spent a few days in Devon with family. It was so nice to visit the coast again and explore cute little towns! I’ll be writing blog posts about them so watch this space.

London is slowly welcoming back more tourists and the streets are getting busier. It was so quiet last year around Piccadilly Circus, without anyone on the streets. I must admit, it’s great seeing London thrive again!

So, that was my MHM August 2021 recap! Thank you for following me on this journey. 

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I started Map Her Miles as a way to celebrate my successes, remember my amazing travels and open up about my mental health. So often life can escape us and I felt like I was living my life on auto-pilot. MHM Blog is here for me to share my travel experiences with all of you, and also share any tips I learn along the way to live a happier, healthier life. These recaps are meant to reflect on my month and plan a productive month ahead. They inspire me to keep going, and I hope that MHM Blog inspires you, too!

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