MHM The Good, The Bad & The Luck: May 2021 Recap

Welcome to Map Her Miles May 2021 recap. The good, the bad and the luck. Where am I at? Well, May was SUCH a good month. The weather has changed to more sunny days, can we say hello sunshine?! I’ve been out exploring new areas in London and the countryside, everyone at home is healthy and happy, so it just felt like a really good month. 

Glastonbury Tor View from the top

In April I set many goals of taking control over my own happiness and putting myself first. It has made such a difference in my life. I’m no longer stressing over such minute things, or chasing friendships and people that don’t want to be chased. In one respect, it was difficult letting friendships go, but I know that right now we are simply on different paths. 

I’ve continued to ‘meet’ many like-minded people on @maphermiles and I’ve also reconnected with friends from afar that share the same passions as me. Overall, May has been good to me. 

Map Her Miles Highlights in May 2021 Recap

Well, we went to Maltby St Market. The smells were amazing! The food is prepared from all corners of the world and the atmosphere was buzzing. It was so nice seeing people back out enjoying the market and we really enjoyed trying some cheeky treats, too! 

MHM May trip to Maltby St Market

We went to Somerset for 3 days. It was lovely to escape the busyness of London and to see new towns. We spent a day in Cheddar (the town, not the cheese!), then Wells, and Glastonbury. Cheddar was the cutest little town and I would recommend it to anyone. We stayed in a lovely AirBnB and we even brought the cats with us! 

I am now fully vaccinated. There are different views out there on whether or not to get the vaccine, but I chose to get it. I felt great after my second vaccination. No side effects and not even a sore arm. Some conspiracists say that I might grow a third eye in 10 years because of the vaccine. Watch this space I guess! 

My guest blog post on TravelInsightPedia about Greek Street Food reached over 3.6k views and 17 shares. What an amazing accomplishment. That’s a big deal for me. I was so pleased to see that my tiny blog got so much traffic. Plus, it was a nice milestone to celebrate. 

13 Months with Jax & JJ

13 Months with Jax & JJ

Jax and JJ loved the month of May. They spent nearly every day in the garden after work and are fully harness trained now. I’m not sure they were pleased to be featured on Map Her Miles blog in regards to going on a road trip, but they enjoyed the cottage when we got there. Our fur babies really are an extension of our family! 

Just My Luck

I went back to Ashridge Estates to admire their famous bluebells. Only to be disappointed when I got there and saw that I was potentially a week too early. I haven’t managed to see any blooms in their full glory this year. Oops! 

MHM Lowlights in May 2021 Recap

There weren’t any! As I mentioned earlier, May has been really good to me. I can’t remember the last time I went a whole month without any misfortunate events happening to me. 

MHM Busiest Instagram Post in May 2021

I spotted a huge cherry blossom tree that was unexpectedly in full bloom when coming to the end of the cherry blossom season. It really made me reflect on the past and also think about the dreams I have for the future. It gave me a sense of peace, seeing this tree with so many beautiful blooms so late in the season. 

What I Hit Publish on this Month

You can read any of MHM May Blog Posts by clicking the links above. Please show them some love, and please leave a comment if you find one of them helpful. 

What’s Next for MHM

Map Her Miles Staycation to Somerset

We are finally going to London’s ‘Pho Mile’! I have missed it so much. Vietnamese food is so good, and if you love it, then you need to go to Pho Mile in Shoreditch. I hope the weather holds out so I can eat ALL of the various dishes and walk down the street to take in all the smells. 

I’m also going into the last half term before school breaks up for the summer holidays. If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know I’m also a school teacher. I love my job so much but I am also looking forward to the summer holidays. Maybe I’ll be able to revive my olive tree! 

Destinations MHM Visited this Month

Finally, I ventured into Notting Hill at the beginning of the month to catch the wisteria blooms. I went early morning to avoid the crowds. We then went to Ashridge and caught the beginning of the bluebells, which is a must-see when they are in full bloom! At the end of May, we went on a mini staycation to Somerset. Our first ‘holiday’ in over a year. Hence my extremely good mood. It was so lovely to get away! 

Well, that was my Map Her Miles May 2021 recap! Thank you for following me on this journey.

Love always, 


I started Map Her Miles as a way to celebrate my successes, remember my amazing travels and open up about my mental health. So often life can escape us and I felt like I was living my life on auto-pilot. MHM Blog is here for me to share my travel experiences with all of you, and also share any tips I learn along the way to live a happier, healthier life. These recaps are meant to reflect on my month and plan a productive month ahead. They inspire me to keep going, and I hope that MHM Blog inspires you, too!

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