Visit London’s Regent Street at Christmas

So you’ve seen London’s Regent Street at Christmas all over social media and now you’re wondering if the Christmas lights at Regent Street are really as amazing in real life as they are online.

Last week, I went to a market that branded itself as a Christmas market and let me tell you, I felt completely lied to! Yes, OK, that might seem dramatic. But seriously, it was a letdown.

That being said, London’s Regent Street at Christmas is 100% worth visiting. Each year they put on a fabulous light show and this year is no different. I promise you, that you will not feel catfished when you walk down Regent Street at Christmas. Yes, it is exactly like how you see it on the pictures all over social media.

A Little Back Story…

Regent Street at Christmas

The ‘spirits’ soar down Regent Street which gets you exactly in the Christmas spirit. Fun fact: Regent Street started its Christmas lights tradition all the way back in 1954! Wow! How cool that it’s still going on after all these years and how amazing that it never disappoints!

So go on, you Christmas lights hunter…Wrap up warm, charge up your camera, buy a hot chocolate (or chai latte if you’re like me) and walk down Regent Street. Hey! Don’t forget to look up every once and a while… That’s where the lights are.

How to Get To Regent Street

Christmas Lights at Regent Street 2021

The best part about London: it’s SO easy to get around. Especially by train. Regent Street is centrally located and right near so many train stations. Your best option if you are travelling by train is to go to Oxford Circus Underground station. That will bring you right under Regent Street. (It’s on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria Line)

Piccadilly Circus (Piccadilly and Bakerloo Line) is another great drop off point, which will drop you in it too! Just a bit further down on Regent Street.

The next closest is Green Park Station. It’s not nearly as close as the others, but, if you fancy a walk through Green Park when you’re done looking at the Christmas lights on Regent Street, then it’s a great place to end your journey. (You can also grab the Jubilee line here, which you can’t do at the others)

What to Expect from Regent Street at Christmas

Regent Street Spirits 2021

As you wander down Regent Street you will admire the beautiful buildings and storefronts that have transformed into Christmas displays. You’ll feel enchanted as the classic red buses whizz by you and send a rush of cold air on your face and through your hair.

Be prepared for a busy street, especially if you are wandering through in the evening. Top tip: Head to the middle of the road (don’t worry, there is a safe platform) to get a photo of yourself under the famous Regent Street Lights. This year, they are ‘spirits’ that soar all down Regent Street. If you’re patient, you can even wait for a red bus to pop up in your photo too! A classic London shot. PS: You won’t have to wait long, the red busses are everywhere!

Read more about Regent Street on their website.

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Happy Adventuring and Christmas light hunting!


Frequently Asked Questions…

When do Regent Street Christmas lights go on?

This year, the lights are on from the 13 November. So get visiting!!

What time do Regent Street lights switch on?

To help the environment, (YAY!) Regent Street lights switch on from 2 pm. Although, it’s not really that dark yet, so my advice would be to wait until the evening to get the full experience of the glittering lights.

How to get to Regent Street?

There are two train stations that I personally recommend (especially for quick access). These are Oxford Circus Underground and Piccadilly Circus Underground. You can also go to Green Park but it’s a much further walk.

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