The Good The Bad & The Luck: March 2022 Recap

Welcome to MHM March 2022 Recap. The Good, The Bad & The Luck.

March, to me, always gives me an extra bit of a ‘boost’ as we start to head into the Spring/Summer months. Some people say that seasonal depression is all in our heads but I’m a firm believer that it’s real. There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up and opening your curtains, to hear the birds singing away and see the sun start to come up just that tiny bit earlier. Finally, the winter blues are leaving us.

MHM Highlights from March 2022

My little trip to Paris was so much fun! We went by Eurostar, which was a dream in itself. I was amazed that I could get from London to Paris in two hours. Masks were still mandatory on the train, but aside from that, it was quite easy to travel post virus that shall not be named. If you’re into blossoms, I highly, highly recommend visiting France in March/April. You’ll catch the cherry blossoms and then the wisteria towards the beginning of April.

In March 2022, one of my reels on Instagram got over 600k views! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve said it so many times but I am truly grateful and proud of my little MHM community. I’ve connected with some other really great content creators online, some of which I consider to be great friends now. You can find me on Instagram

My Travel Agent business is getting busier, too! I’ve been sending out travel quotes for hotel bookings to quite a few people and have been able to book a few holidays for clients. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a client something exciting to look forward to. I really love this business!

Just My Luck: March 2022 Recap

Finally, some good luck came my way! I had my first hotel collaboration which I was so proud of! It was amazing being able to work with a brand, take great photos and have a happy client at the end of it. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that I’m slowly starting to pivot (Hey, Ross!) to a more hotel/restaurant/ activities in London blog and so far, the feedback from you all has been incredible. So, thank you!

MHM Lowlights: March 2022 Recap

Every once in a while I just get the low vibe where I really miss my family back in Canada. I’m not sure if it’s because it has been a while since I’ve been back, but I get this heart-wrenching feeling every now and then when I think about my dad in particular. Growing up, he was my best friend. Even as an adult actually, he is my best friend. We email every week without fail, and as much as I know he supports my dreams, deep down I know that he wishes I was closer to him, I wish that too sometimes.

MHM Busiest Instagram Post: March 2022 Recap

As I mentioned earlier, I posted a reel in March that got over 600k views and it’s still going up! I couldn’t believe it. It’s a post about taking a 2 hour train from London to Paris, and having a grateful heart to be able to do such things. I highly recommend checking out Eurostar, especially if you’d rather not fly. 

It can be expensive though, so here’s a tip: be flexible with the dates you can travel, subscribe to their newsletter to get email alerts about seat sales, and then when you find a seat sale, don’t wait, book straight away! You’ll bag yourself a great bargain. 

PS… I’ve been filming most of my reels with my DJI gimbal, I’m always talking about this thing because it truly is a game changer for video content. Especially when you use your phone! There seems to be an accessory for every accessory, but this is one you should seriously consider getting. It is an expensive initial investment, but so worth it. I’ve linked it here from my Amazon shop.

23 Months with Jax & JJ

 I cannot imagine life without my little fluff puffs! They’ll be two soon and it feels like the time has just flown by. Sometimes, I sit and stare at them, just taking in all their markings and the way they sleep. (OK, Yep, I sound like a crazy cat lady) But seriously, pets bring so much joy to a home. They are definitely my favourite form of therapy and they’ve helped me through some pretty extreme panic attacks the past two years.

What I Hit Publish On

I’ve been so busy this month and neglected my blog a little bit. My goal for next month is to prioritise my blog a bit more. 

You can read my previous post. Just click on the link above!

What’s Next for MHM

I’m going to continue to work towards building my Travel Agent Business. I love to travel (obviously) and I really enjoy finding and booking trips for other people. So I think it’s about time that I add this exciting adventure to Map Her Miles Blog! So, watch this space and if you want any hotels or trips booked… I’m your gal!

In April we are also taking a trip to Vienna! I can’t wait to explore Austria and also find some tasty treats… I wouldn’t be me without thinking about food as well. Oops! 

Destinations MHM Visited: March 2022 Recap

I had a lovely few days in Paris where I ate a whole mini box of macarons and didn’t share a single one. Gosh, how piggish! 

I also had the opportunity to try a few new restaurants in London that I haven’t been to before. So I’m really looking forward to sharing my experience and hopefully will inspire you to visit some of them!

We also went on the Emirates Cable Car experience over the Thames. It was such a lovely day so we got a great view of the London skyline. It only takes about 10 minutes, but I really recommend doing it!

March was a great month and I had a lot of time to reflect on what’s coming up next. Thank you for reading my March 2022 recap! 

Happy adventuring, 

T x

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