Travel in England: Post COVID-19

Some time in the near future, we will be able to book our Post COVID-19 trips. Where will we go? What will travel look like? Will we be able to go abroad? These questions have been racing through my mind as I get more and more anxious about booking travel. I miss searching google flights and Sky scanner. Don’t you? Until we can, I have put together a list of my top 10 Destinations to travel to in England.


Based on Government projections, they believe that by the end of Summer 2021 borders will begin to open, and travel will be able to resume, in some capacity. This is because of the COVID-19 vaccine. Which is another hot topic that makes my anxiety explode. Do I want the vaccine? What are the long term side effects? Health risks?

I mean, there’s obvious benefits such as: Not getting COVID. But what about the risks that we just don’t have enough data on? When I’m able to put my nerves aside however, I do know that I want the vaccine and will get it when I can. After all, vaccines save lives!

My Top 10 Travel in England Bucket List Destinations

1. Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England)
Photo by: English Heritage

Walking around the Stone Circle is a must when you visit Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site. With a history spanning 4,500 years Stonehenge has many different meanings to a variety of people today. It is definitely a wonder of the world. Stonehenge is on a lot of Tourists’ bucket lists when they travel to England- so why isn’t it on ours?

For more information, click here.

2. The Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Exploring the Roman Baths in 2016.

5 years ago, I travelled to Bath; yet I still have added it to my Travel Bucket List in England. The Roman Baths can be found right in the middle of the City of Bath Heritage Site which has been beautifully preserved and restored.

Hey- Fun fact: To this day, the baths still fill with natural hot water from the thermal springs.

3. Then, visit the Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath Spa
The only photo I took at the spa..Sorry!

Now a World Heritage site, you can take a dip at the spa facilities in Thermae Bath Spa. (Make sure you book in advance because we had booked a time and still had to queue for nearly an hour!) As well as enjoying the thermal springs below, you can make your way to the rooftop pool, where you can take in the beautiful views of Bath around you. When I went, cameras weren’t allowed. But if you’re up for the mischief, sneaking in your camera is worth it for the sunset views.

Find more info here.

4. Lake District National Park
Lake District
Copyright: Ullswater

There are 8 main areas of the Lake district, so you might need a whole weekend, if not a week, to explore properly. You will have the opportunity to explore mountains, valleys, villages, towns, coastline and beautiful clear lakes. Most importantly, if you love getting outdoors, and I certainly do, then the Lake District is a must!

Read about the must see places here.

5. Seven Sister Cliffs

Seven Sister Cliffs, England
Copyright: Seven Sisters

If you love nature, gorgeous views and hillsides, then the Seven Sister Cliffs need to be on your UK Bucket List this year. If you take anything away from reading this, it’s that you must visit the Seven Sister Cliffs when travelling in England! And here’s why:

The Seven Sisters cliffs are made of chalk that formed where the South Downs meet the sea. The cliffs are receding at about 30–40cm each year on average. So, if the Seven Sisters Cliffs are on your bucket list, you might want to think of bumping it up closer to the top!

To plan your day tip, get more info here.

6. Cambridge
Cambridge, England

Cambridge is a somewhat small city on the River Cam in Eastern England and would make a great weekend away when travelling in England. It is home to the University of Cambridge, dating back to 1209 and Kings College with a beautiful chapel with incredible history. After you’ve toured the city, you can unwind with a guided punting tour along the river and see more great attractions!

Be more inspired by this city, here.

7. Cotswolds

Cotswolds, England
Photo by: Cotswolds

Well, firstly, if Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Holiday don’t make you want to visit the Cotwolds alone, then maybe this will: The Cotswolds are known for its cobblestone roads and rolling hills, known as ‘the wolds’. Secondly, you’ll be able to explore beautiful villages, support local shops in the lively market towns, visit palaces, castles and country houses. You will really feel like you have stepped back in time! Or, maybe you’ll luck out and be an extra on an upcoming film!

Learn about the 5 Counties in the Cotswolds here.

8. York
York, England
Photo by: Explore York

Did you know York is often referred to as the City of 1000 Ghosts? It’s known for its incredible history and ancient 13th Century walls. It’s full of museums, theatres, galleries and more hidden gems! In fact, York has more attractions per square mile than any other city in the UK. Wow! You definitely need to see the grisly past of the York Dungeon and definitely Clifford’s Tower. I’m told that it’s all that remains of York’s Castle.

To find more hidden gems, click here.

Update: Flooding..

Meanwhile when I was researching beautiful York, I heard on the news about the horrific flooding they are having… My heart goes out to all the residents in the area. As a result, this is even more of a reason to visit this beautiful city and support the locals, when you are considering where to travel in England.

9. Devon

Devon, England
Photo by: Visit Devon

Devon has been on my Bucket List for a while, I must admit. And when I say a while, I mean before I even moved to England! Oops! There is so much to see and do in Devon. As I mention next, the Jurassic Coast is nearby, and I have always wanted to visit the English Riviera which is known for its beautiful Palm Trees. Yes you read that right- Palm Trees in cold, rainy England! Devon is also home to two National Parks. So, consequently, it is perfect if you are the outdoorsy type. The coastline is vast or you can go inward to Exeter which dates back to Roman Times!

To plan your weekend away, explore here.

10. Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast
Photo by: Jurassic Coast

Aside from the obvious reason to visit The Jurassic Coast (the name!) much like the Seven Sisters, its cliff sides are eroding slowly over time, and as this happens, new fossils show up for anyone to find- right on the beach! Perhaps the teacher in me thinks this is more exciting than it really is, but I think that’s pretty cool! You can also visit Keates Quarry, in Purbeck and spot 145 million year old dinosaur footprints! I mean, I’m pretty sure this would be enough to make our inner Ross, from Friends, (obviously) squeal!

You can find more best kept secrets, here.

And that’s a wrap!

To sum up, as much as I love jetting off somewhere abroad and I am so looking forward to getting on a plane, this lockdown has also made me appreciate the enchanting landmarks that we have here, in England.

Don’t get me wrong, I am dreaming of the day that I get to walk down the aisle again, accidentally hitting my bag on every seat, and hearing those magical words “This is your Pilot speaking”!!

But until then, let’s travel in England- shall we?


T x


  1. Marlene Hitchcox
    24 January 2021 / 6:04 PM

    Wow thank you that brought back wonderful memories as well as new places we need to explore. St. Ives is a great place to visit too but it does take some time to get there.

    • 24 January 2021 / 7:10 PM

      Thank you Marlene! I really enjoyed researching the different places. I do hope that you guys come back to visit. We can cross some of these off our bucket lists together! St. Ives is beautiful. Funny, I considered blogging about it, but thought I would save it for a bigger post.

  2. Maddie Douch
    26 January 2021 / 3:50 PM

    I love the Jurassic coast! So beautiful, especially in the summer, it feels like you aren’t even in England! Definitely worth a trip!

    • 26 January 2021 / 7:14 PM

      This is great news! It looks like the perfect place to escape to without getting on a plane. Hopefully I will be able to visit this August! Thank you for the feedback. 🙂

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