Winter Wonderland London

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London 2022

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is one of the best things to do in London over the Christmas holidays in 2022. Perfect for all ages, Winter Wonderland offers great food, live music, fair games, rides, ice events (including ice-skating), circus shows and a Christmas market. Winter Wonderland is great to visit in the day and at night when all the lights bring the whole park to life.

MHM Travel Tip: Book ahead and book your rides or shows in advance to get your entry tickets for free!

Winter Wonderland Map

What can you do at Winter Winderland London?

Indoor Live Music tent
  • Book a circus show (we saw the Zippos Circus and it was fantastic!)
  • Go on the ferris wheel and take in the view of Winter Wonderland from above (I recommend doing this in the evening when all the rides are lit up)
  • Go on rides and rollercoasters
  • Eat so many churros!
  • Skate on Lidl on ice (a huge outdoor skating rink)
  • Visit the ice sculpting and ice bar
  • Wander through the Christmas markets
  • Eat your heart out with all the food vendors

Winter Wonderland 2022 Christmas Market

View of Winter Wonderland from the Ferris Wheel

One of my fave Christmas Markets in London is the Winter Wonderland Christmas Market. There are such cute stalls filled with local pieces as well as great stocking stuffer ideas. You can even find Christmas tree decorations and if you’re a chocolate lover like me, some chocolate! It’s definitely worth walking around the market. Even if you’re not doing shopping and you just want to enjoy the festive music and look at the stalls!

When is Winter Wonderland 2022 Open?

Winter Wonderland, located in Hyde Park London, is open from 10 am to 10 pm every day except Christmas day. You can visit up until 2nd January. New this year: Tickets are £5 entry for standard entry times. But, if you don’t like the idea of paying for an entry ticket, simply book your rides, circus, Ferris wheel activity in advance. If you spend over £25 online in advance, your entry becomes free. Win!

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS on Winter Wonderland’s Website

Can you eat and drink at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland?

The best churros at Winter Wonderland London

Umm heck yes! What kind of place would it be if you couldn’t. There are great options, too! Even vegan stalls which were so nice to see this year. There are a few restaurants you can sit down and eat in as well, in case you need to escape that pesky English weather. I mean, it doesn’t ALWAYS rain… But still.

You have to visit the Bavarian village. Even if you don’t eat meat. The experience is very cool! Oh, and if you do eat meat, the German sausages are huge! There’s also the ice bar where everything is made from, yep, you guessed it! Ice! Definitely book ahead for this. We tried to go in on the day and it was sold out. (So if you want to go in, definitely book online which will help you get those free entry tickets anyways!)

You can also enjoy your comfort food, mulled wine or hot chocolate in Thor’s Tipi. Try to get a seat by the fire for extra warmth. The carousel bar, although definitely not warm and cosy, is another place to stop and have a drink as you ride around the carousel.

Is Winter Wonderland Family Friendly?

There is so much to do at Winter Wonderland that is family-friendly! Both Circus performances were very popular with families. There’s also a lovely Grotto for Santa which you can visit during the day. There are so many fun rides for children to enjoy. A popular one that always had a long queue was the helter-skelter. Admittedly, I did not go down it. But it was a very popular attraction!

There are carousel rides and rollercoasters to ride too. Not to mention all the fair games that can be played!

It’s good to know that some of these are free to enjoy and others need to be paid for. Definitely check online and pay in advance if you can! It’ll save you so much time when you’re actually there and it’ll bag you that free entry ticket.

Winter Wonderland Paid Activities

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland rides

Furthermore, to help you with that free entry ticket, here is a list of the activities that you can expect to pay for. Check on their website for an up to date list! When I went, the following had to be booked:

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Ice skating with Lidl on ice
  • All Circus shows
  • Fair rides
  • Games (You can also get tokens there)
  • The Ice Kingdom &
  • The Ice Bar

You also don’t need tickets to get into the villages, but once you’re in you can purchase food and drinks!

Frequently Asked Questions for Winter Wonderland 2022

Is Winter Wonderland Free?

Off-peak times are free, however, they sell out really quickly. Standard tickets are £5 and peak times are £7.50. If you spend £25 or more online before your visit, your tickets become free.

Is Winter Wonderland Outdoors?

Almost all of the activities are outdoors except the circus, ice bard, a few restaurants and the bavarian village. Dress appropriately and bring rain gear just in case!

Is Winter Wonderland Family Friendly?

Winter Wonderland is perfect for all ages. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

How to get to Winter Wonderland London?

You can find Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. There are signs at the nearest train stations which are: Hyde Park Croner, Marble Arch and Knightsbridge. You can also drive but this is not recommended by the park because there is no designated parking.

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  1. What a great activity. This takes the fun of visiting a Christmas Market and mixes in the excitement of a circus, skating and carnival rides. Seems like there would be something fun for the whole family.

    1. Thank you for your support! You’re right it really is the perfect mix. There were so many family friendly activities and people of all ages. This year it was extra special after being closed last year.

  2. A Christmas market and rides all in one? That sounds perfect to bring my family to! I love how festive and lit up it is!

    1. Right?! It’s the best way to spend an afternoon with the family and lucky for us it gets dark around 4pm so so you can enjoy the lights without being out late. A win-win!

  3. I think that visiting the Winter Wonderland would be such a fun thing to do over Christmas in London. The rides would be a lot of fun. But I would not miss the circus for sure. And who could miss the great selection of food! A great reason to return to Hyde Park on a return visit in winter.

    1. It was so much fun and every year is one of the best things to do in London in the winter. And, it’s open from mid-November which is even better! The circus was incredible and great for all ages. I hope that you get to go one year in the future.

    1. Oh no!! Yes, there is lots going on in London at Christmas. I don’t blame you though for checking out Europe spots. Europe does love a Christmas market as well. I hope that you do get to experience London at Christmas one year because it really is beautiful!

  4. WOWWW it’s so gorgeous!! I’ve never been to England, but it really makes me want to visit during the holidays!

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